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State Water Board (SWB) As Per G.O. No.184, Dated 5 Feb,1996
State Water Resources Agency(SWaRA) As Per G.O. No.2127, Dated 7 June,2001
State Water Resources Data Analysis Center(SWaRDAC) As Per G.O. No.2127, Dated 7 June,2001
U.P. Water Management and Regulatory Commission(UPWaMReC)
State Water Board (SWB)

• Ensure formulation and implementation of the State Water Policy under the framework of National Water Policy adopted by Government of India.

• Policy formation for various uses of available water resources of the State and integrated planning, management and monitoring of all water sources.

• Policy formation for control on withdrawal and disposal of water from all rivers, drains, ponds and ground water within the State.

• Prioritization and allocation of the various water sources of the State for use in various sectors.

• Collation and analysis of surface and ground water data of the State and to make it available for various uses as per need.

• Establish a “Management Information System” for water resources.

• Ensure coordination amongst all water related Departments/Institutions.

State Water Resources Agency (SWaRA)

• Water Resources Planning, inter-sectoral allocation and guidance for Ecological and Environmentally sustainable management

• Preparation of Decision Support System (DSS) for all the river basins of the State.

• Provide technical and policy inputs to the State Water Board and UPWaMReC.

• Facilitate interaction among various stakeholders.


State Water Resources Data Analysis Center (SWaRDAC)


• Collation and publication of data revised as per norms and received from various departments for each basin. 

• Hosting of data on a website for the use of authorized users.

• Provide data support to SWaRA and UPWaMReC.

• Flood Frequency Analysis.

• Preparation of GIS based water information Atlas.


U.P. Water Management and Regulatory Commission(UPWaMReC)


• To approve the Integrated State Water Plan / Basin Plans developed by State Water Resources Agency to ensure sustainable management of water resources within the parameters laid down by State Water Policy as amended from time to time.

• To determine the allocation and distribution of entitlements for various categories of use of water at utility, project level and also between various water user entities within the parameters laid down by the State Water policy on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed for such a distribution.

• To lay down the criteria for modifications in the entitlements for the diversion, storage and use of surface and ground water of the State.

• To review and accord clearance to new water resources projects proposed at the river basin / sub-basin level by the concerned entity ensuring that the proposal is in conformity with Integrated State Water Plan specially with respect to the water allocation of each entity, that is economically, hydro-geologically and environmentally viable.

• To establish a system of enforcement, monitoring and measurement of the entitlements for the use of water to ensure that the actual use of water, both in quantity and type of use are in compliance with the entitlements as issued by the Commission.

• To monitor conservation of environment and facilitate the development of a framework for the preservation and protection of the quality of surface and s water resources as per established norms and standards.

• To withdraw the entitlement or take any action as deemed necessary in case any water user entity pollutes or causes to pollute any surface or ground water source of water and thereby infringes the maintenance of established norms and standards for water quality.

• To impose penalty on any organization or agency, whether government or private, any individual or a group of individuals who changes, alters or cause to change or alter the status of any surface or groundwater resources without the specific sanction or approval of the Commission.

• To periodically review the entitlement as and when considered necessary.

• To register and monitor bulk water entitlement by the Commission or it's duly authorized representatives.

• To promote competition, efficiency and economy in the activities of the water and wastewater sector to minimize wastage of water.

• To promote better water management techniques.

• To enforce rain water harvesting to augment ground water recharge.

• To fix and regulate a water tariff system and charges for the use of water after due consideration to all costs including administration, operation, maintenance, depreciation, and subsidies.

• To review and revise the tariff water charges periodically.

• To determine and fix the rate of cess to be charged from owner of lands benefited by flood protection and drainage works implemented under new projects.

• To enforce the decisions or orders issued under this Act by a suitable agency authorized by the Commission or empower to any existing agency for this purpose;

• To aid and advise the State Government on any matter referred to the Commission by the State Government.