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Objectives of the water policy of Uttar Pradesh May 1999
Objectives of the water policy of Uttar Pradesh
  • Ensure preservation of the scarce water resources to optimize the utilization of the available resources.
  • Bring about qualitative improvement in water resource management, which should include user's participation and decentralization of authority.
  • Maintain water quality, both surface and underground, to establish norms and standards.
  • Promote formulation of projects as far as and wherever possible on the concept of both surface and ground water as a unitary resource, ensuring multipurpose use of the water resource. This would inter alia consist of the following main uses

    • Provide adequate water for drinking and domestic use.
    • Provide water for irrigation.
    • Maximize hydropower generation within the constraints imposed by other users.
    • Provide water for industries including Agro industries.
    • Provide water for navigation, recreation, health and for others uses.

  • Ensure ecological and environmental balance while developing water resources.
  • Promote equity and social justice and among individuals and groups of users in water resource allocation and management.
  • Ensure self-sustainability in water resource development.
  • Ensure Flood Management and drainage as integral part of water resource development.
  • Provide substantive legal framework for management.
  • Provide a Management information System (M.I.S.) for effective monitoring of policy implementation.
  • Promote research and training facilities in the water resource sector.
  • Provide mechanism for the resolution of conflicts between various users.